Father Wins Civil Case Against London Metropolitan Police Service for Unlawful Arrest and False Imprisonment made under Positive Action Policy

A British father is pleased to reveal to J4MB that he recently won a civil case against the London Metropolitan Police Service (the Met). The day before the trial, the Met admitted liability to false imprisonment following an unlawful arrest. The court awarded him basic damages, aggravated damages and reimbursement of his legal costs. The Met had essentially argued that their Positive Action Policy and the training they receive requires them to make unlawful arrests.

The father had been arrested on board a plane on arrival at Heathrow Airport by armed Met police officers following false allegations made by his wife, then grossly exaggerated by the Met, as part of divorce proceedings she had initiated whilst he was away on business. The unlawful arrest resulted in the father being blocked from seeing his children and going to his home for half a year, which is what the divorcing wife told the police she sought at the time.

The father has learnt the hard way that the Met’s Positive Action Policy and many others like it are simply part of the government’s war on men, boys and nuclear families. Government-funded radical feminist groups that hate men, e.g. Women’s Aid, dictate these policies to the government. The Positive Action Policy is an unlawful, feminist-inspired, mandatory-arrest policy for any allegation of domestic abuse, now made in 50% of all divorce cases, that should be scrapped.

The father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, believes it is his moral obligation to let other men understand the threat that the Met Police and Crown Prosecution Service pose to good men, boys and families. He will be telling his story as Whistle-blower #2 (The Trial of a Father in Feminist Britain) at the ICMI 2020 online conference.

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