Men don’t hate women, they hate feminism

Hot on the heels of the Mirror article published a few days ago, that tried to drum up support for outlawing misogyny as a hate crime, Sonia Sodha in yesterday’s Guardian opinion screed, also decided to have a go.

She seems to think that outlawing misogyny will somehow change the attitudes of boys who are being “groomed” into hating women by the far-right on the Internet.

Or, how about another interpretation such as this – with the amount of decent and accessible information now out there online explaining feminist and Social Justice ideas that have been spreading outwards from academia into our culture for decades, and doing so in an easy-to-digest format, and then exposing them for what they really are so that ordinary people can understand them – perhaps boys and young men (and many women, too) are finally starting to wake up to the realisation that feminist ideology has been telling lies and half-truths to everyone on an industrial scale for at least the last 40 years?

As I wrote in yesterday’s article on J4MB, classing misogyny as a hate crime is not a sensible idea.  And because so-called “incel attacks” are extremely rare (the only UK one cited in the article is Ben Moynihan, an autistic teenager), it would be a disproportionate reaction to do anything about it.

What feminists are going to have to realise is this – their political ideas more than ever are under scrutiny.  You don’t get away with characterising the relationship between men and women as one of oppression and subjugation for so long without getting the backlash.

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