Samantha Jane Barr, 47, given suspended sentence for slashing boyfriend with knife at his flat near Malton

Our thanks to Steve for this. The end of the piece:

She appeared for sentence on Tuesday knowing her liberty was at stake. [J4MB: No, it wasn’t, because vagina.]

Barr had been staying at her then boyfriend’s home on a temporary basis before the knife attack in March.

They had been in a tumultuous six-year relationship which, according to the victim, had been blighted by his ex-girlfriend’s excessive drinking.

Judge Simon Hickey spared Barr’s solicitor the need to mitigate on her behalf after deciding that the troubled woman didn’t pose a danger to the public. [J4MB emphasis: A drunken woman with a knife – what danger could she possibly pose to the public?]

He said that “fortunately” the cuts to the victim’s body were “not deep or serious” and the victim did not need treatment.

He told Barr: “Your drunken behaviour shows you are inadequate, not dangerous, therefore I can suspend (the) sentence.” [J4MB emphasis. Drunkenness is a mitigating factor for women, an aggravating factor for men.]

The judge said he had also noted Barr’s “difficult” past which had led to mental-health problems. [J4MB: The “difficult past” and “metal health problems” mitigations, only applicable to women.]

Imposing a 12-month suspended prison sentence, Mr Hickey said Barr was “clearly remorseful and ashamed”.

Barr was also ordered to complete a 30-day rehabilitation programme.

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