A window on the popular understanding of domestic violence before feminism took hold

I’m pleased to say that Steve Moxon, the author of The Woman Racket (2008 – one of the two books which red pilled me in 2009 – will be among the speakers at ICMI20. His talk title is, “How and Why Partner Violence is Usual Female Behaviour but Aberrational for Males”. Our thanks to him for this:

How about this for a window on the popular understanding of domestic violence before feminism took hold?

It’s a homespun ditty written by an amateur (unpublished, entirely non-professional) writer, Alfred J Krieg, 1887-1965, from Iowa, USA.

Published as an anonymous ditty in newspapers across the USA from circa 1930, and appearing on the back of business cards, it seems to have spread word of mouth like wildfire, and was so well remembered in decades past that for one person suffering from  Alzheimers it was the only thing he still remembered.

I first came across it just now, in an old edition (1946) of the magazine of our local steelworks:


She’s an angel in truth, a demon in fiction
A woman’s the greatest of all contradiction
She’s afraid of a cockroach, she’ll scream at a mouse
But she’ll tackle a man as big as a house
She’ll take him for better, she’ll take him for worse
She’ll split his head open, and then be his nurse
And when he is well and can get out of bed
She’ll pick up a teapot and throw at his head
She’s faithful, deceitful, keen-sighted and blind
She’s crafty, she’s gentle, she’s cruel, she’s kind
She’ll lift a man up, she’ll cast a man down
She’ll make him her hero, her ruler, her clown
You fancy she’s this, but you find that she’s that
For she’ll play like a kitten and fight like a cat

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