Professor Gerard Casey: “After #MeToo: Feminism, Patriarchy, Toxic Masculinity and Sundry Cultural Delights” (Societas)

We recently posted a piece recommending a recently-published book by Gerard Casey, 68, an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at University College Dublin – After #MeToo: Feminism, Patriarchy, Toxic Masculinity and Sundry Cultural Delights. The paperback edition appears to have sold out on Amazon’s UK website, but a Kindle version is still available, at £8.79 – here. Other retailers may have the paperback edition. If you click on “Look Inside” – at a corner of the cover image – you’ll be able to read some content, and our previous piece included three PDFs provided by the good professor, at our request.

You don’t need a Kindle e-reader to read Kindle books. You can read them on your computer, tablet, smartphone and some e-readers, using free-to-download software downloadable from Amazon.

Later this month we’ll be interviewing Professor Casey for our series Gender Matters.

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