Feminist judges and academics celebrate their corruption of the justice system. “Feminist justice” – The UK Association of Women Judges’ last event marking 100 years of women in law

Our thanks to Julian for this announcement on the website of the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary. The feminist corruption of the “justice” system runs very deep. The full announcement:

The UK Association of Women Judges is inviting everyone to the final event in its open lecture series marking the centenary of women entering the legal profession.

The discussion – entitled Feminist Justice – will be held at Gresham College at Barnard’s Inn Hall, Holborn, London on Monday 24 February from 6-8/9pm, followed by a drinks reception.

Guests of honour include Lady Justice Ingrid Simler; Judge Siobhan McGrath, President of the FTT (Property Chamber); and Mrs Justice Justine Thornton, together with academics Professors Rosemary Hunter, Professor Grace James and Professor Helen Carr who have all participated in feminist judgments projects. [J4MB emphasis] The event will be chaired by Professor Erika Rackley.

The cost is £22.15. Book through Eventbrite.

When you click on the Eventbrite link, you’ll see a sentence in addition to the above announcement:

Enjoy hearing brilliant legal minds discuss the impact of this work [J4MB: Feminist judgments projects] on judging today.

The only one of the six “brilliant legal minds” who have come on our radar is “professor” Rosemary Hunter, an Australian radical feminist. Last June we posted a lengthy piece about the newly-formed and utterly corrupt Family Justice Panel, 10 of the 11 members being women, mainly known feminists (including Hunter), the one man being a male feminist, Mr Justice Stephen Cobb. Our piece was titled Family Justice Panel – the latest feminist corruption of the Ministry of Justice.

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