General Election 2019 – MRA Roundup

At the time of writing, there are still constituencies yet to call their results but it’s clear that The Conservative party have won a landslide victory – the biggest since Margaret Thatcher led the party to a majority of 376 MP’s in 1987. There were a number of results that may be of particular interest to MRAs though, and they have all been called, so I will run through them.
First, some bad news. Jess Phillips has kept her safe seat in Birmingham Yardley. Not only that, but people are talking about her leading the Labour Party, after Jeremy Corbyn confirmed that he will not fight another election as leader [note to Mike: you may want to turn off those Google Alerts, we may be hearing even more from her!]. Slight aside, it’s well worth catching Corbyn’s speech, if you haven’t seen it yet, but don’t watch him – watch the face of the Brexit Party candidate Yosef David, behind him – comedy gold.

“our policies are popular”

Stella Creasy held Walthamstow.
Batley and Spen was unfortunately a Labour hold, which means that we won’t be seeing Mark Brooks OBE in the House of Commons benches any time soon. The margin was fairly narrow though, so here’s hoping that he runs again, and with more success next time.
Martin Daubney ran in Ashfield, with the Brexit Party, and failed to secure a seat too – this constituency went from Labour to Conservative.
The Scottish National Party, which is a highly feminist party, made large gains in Scotland (sorry to our Scottish readers) – taking 47 of Scotland’s 59 seats (as opposed to the 35 they had before the election), including Jo Swinson’s East Dunbartonshire seat. Amy Callaghan, the young woman who is now the MP, mentioned breaking down barriers for women in politics in her acceptance speech (which I can’t find online at the moment).

The good news is that Dominic “feminists are obnoxious bigots” Raab has held his Esher and Walton seat – and, yes, Philip Davies secured a solid win in Shipley – as did his fiancée, Esther McVey, in Tatton. Congratulations from all of us at J4MB, to all three MPs.

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