Another reason to join us at Speakers' Corner on 15 December

A few days ago we posted a short piece about Elizabeth Hobson and Wonder Natty publicly speaking at Speakers’ Corner on Sunday, 15 December. They always get good receptions from large and attentive audiences there. We’ll be introducing some new placard designs including one on abortion and one on domestic violence.
Now there’s another reason to join us on 15 December. For some time Elizabeth and I have been in discussions with a TV production company. One of their senior people has agreed to us providing the following information on this blog.

[Company name redacted] is developing a current affairs series centering on two presenters who engage with one important topical issue per episode. The two presenters come from very different social and economic backgrounds and we expect them to have opposing views on various aspects of life. We hope this will provide a grounding to explore a range of topics from different viewpoints. In each episode, the presenters will meet individuals with a spectrum of opinions and experiences. We want to see if and how the presenters’ thoughts on that particular topic change over the course of the episode.
The pilot episode will be focusing on the men’s rights movement. We want the presenters to learn more about the reasons behind the movement, to meet real people who have been affected by men’s issues and to speak to the leaders who give up their time to ensure that the movement has a voice. The presenters will then reflect on what they have learnt and how this may or may not have changed their views.
The reason behind the pilot episode, is for us to send it to TV commissioners who we have worked with many times before, with the aim of the full series getting commissioned. We thought this would be a strong topic to focus on for this, because not many current affairs programmes have focussed on the men’s rights movement. We don’t know who might commission it yet, however we will be sending it to Channel 4, ITV and VOD platforms such as Netflix and Amazon.

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