General Election: Labour pledges payouts to women to compensate them for losing their pension privileges, at a cost to taxpayers (mainly men) of £58 BILLION (£58,000,000,000).

We’ve been quiet due to some technical issues with this website, but Joseph from our crack team of IT experts resolved them over the weekend, so hopefully it will be business as usual now. I won’t be blogging any more today, however, because I’m visiting a major city in the North of England for discussions at a number of high-quality venues in relation to a planned one-day National Conference on Men’s Issues in mid-May. Fingers crossed.

We start with a BBC article on a Labour party pledge, which is both outrageous and predictable. The piece is nothing less than feminist propaganda, as we’d expect from the BBC. That said, I’d be surprised to read serious criticisms of the proposal in mainstream media because wimmin.

Bad Santa will stop at nothing in his bid to introduce a Marxist Labour government. An extract:

Labour said it would make individual payments of an average of £15,380 to the 3.7 million women it claims were affected, with some payouts as high as £31,300. [J4MB: Mmm, might some of those 3.7 women vote Labour because of this one proposal alone?]

Mr McDonnell said the compensation, which the party says could cost £58bn over five years, would right a “historical wrong”.

Men receiving their state pensions five years later than women for many years, despite dying earlier, is not – of course – a “historical wrong”. As we pointed out in our last manifesto, men should receive their state pensions years earlier than women.

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