Bill Burr – the antidote to Julie Bindel

I’ve subscribed to The Spectator for years, but despair of it in the area of gender politics, where it gives relentless exposure to feminists – Julie Burchill and Sarah Ditum have pieces in the latest edition – while giving precisely zero exposure to people critical of feminism, and willing to expose feminists for the evil hate-driven liars they are. Julie Bindel, Toxic Feminist of the Month (October 2015) has a piece on domestic abuse on the website, published today. I won’t waste your time linking to it, because it’s just another small variant on the pile of stinking BS she always vomits out.

Needing some light relief after making the mistake of reading Bindel’s anti-male rant, I turned to Netflix, my favourite source of quality comedy. I was pleased to see a Netflix special (1:06:00) of one of my favourite American comedians, Bill Burr, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this year.  Its title is “Paper Tiger”. Burr criticises feminists, #MeToo, and along the way covers issues including double standards in sexual assaults, #MeToo, Michelle Obama, male feminists, marriage, anger issues, conversations with his (black) wife, Stephen Hawking, sex dolls, fatherhood… you know, the usual stuff. It’s a comedy tour de force. Catch it if you can. It was quite the antidote to Julie Bindel’s latest garbage.

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