Mike Buchanan to discuss Geoff Boycott’s proposed knighthood with Julia Hartley-Brewer and a feminist, tomorrow morning, talkRADIO

Julia Hartley-Brewer has long been one of my favourite broadcasters. In March 2013 – the month after we launched J4MB – she interviewed me for her LBC show, here (audio, 7:50). To this day, I haven’t been interviewed by a better-informed interviewer, nor one so intent on having a substantive discussion. To her credit, she’d gone to the trouble to read our draft manifesto in advance of our discussion. We’ve had a number of discussions since, including on the topic of MGM, all of which are on our YouTube channel.

Tomorrow morning, around 08:20, I’ll be in a discussion with Julia (on her online talkRADIO show) and a feminist with whom I’ve crossed swords before. We’ll be talking about the knighthood Theresa May has proposed for the cricketer Geoff Boycott, who was convicted in a French court in 1998 following his alleged assault of a former lover, Margaret Moore, in 1996. He has denied the charge to this day, and has allegedly claimed she tried to sell her story to the media for a million pounds.

Our YouTube channel is here.

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