Lovely Ladies for Men’s Issues 2020 Calendar

Elizabeth Hobson will be appearing in a 2020 calendar, the crowdfunder for which is here. Please donate what you can. The 2018 calendar attracted some mainstream media interest, such as here and here. A related video is here (5:46).

The calendar was the brainchild of Vanessa Lussier (aka Modern Medusa on YouTube), her related website is here.

Elizabeth was engaged in a photoshoot with the legendary photographer / videographer Anthony J Corniche (“Tom”) in a London studio two days ago. Some of the images I’ve seen from that session were outstanding. We’ll be linking to some of them in due course.

UK Men’s Rights Action, our official supporters’ Facebook page, is here.

If everyone who read this gave us £5.00 – or even better, £5.00 or more, monthly – we could change the world. £5.00 monthly would entitle you to Bronze party membership, details here. Benefits include a dedicated and signed book by Mike Buchanan. Click below to make a difference. Thanks.

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