An overdue holiday

As yet another working day ends after midnight…

I worked as a consultant for the Conservative party over 2006-8, and I can trace my red pill moment to the autumn of 2009, when David Cameron (leader of the Conservative party, then in opposition) announced his intention to introduce all-women shortlists for Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs). I cancelled my party membership that day, as did many others, recognizing his decision as being profoundly anti-meritocratic, unConservative, and anti-male.

On the plus side, it put me on the track which led me to doing what I do today. There’s no other job I’d rather be doing, but in the past 10 years I haven’t taken one substantial holiday, and I could sorely do with one. I earn nothing from my work for J4MB, so I was delighted when a generous Australian supporter recently sent me some money for a good holiday. And so it is that I’ll be flying abroad on Monday for a two-week-long break in the sun. I’ll be keeping my work to a minimum while I’m there, if you have anything urgent to communicate over that time, please contact Elizabeth Hobson ( Thank you. I should be fully up and running again by 13 June.

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