Conservative party conference, day 2

Today was as productive and enjoyable as yesterday. Over the two days we handed out almost 3,000 leaflets, and engaged in a huge number of conversations. Time after time, people – including quite a number of MPs – were astonished to learn MGM is illegal in the UK, but were prepared to spend time for us to explain why (the information was, of course, also in the leaflets).

Among those joining us to protest was Simon ten Kate, a Dutchman who joined us some months ago at the first of our Golders Green protest (more to come). In late October he’ll be travelling with the indomitable Patrick Smyth to a major protest in San Francisco.

Simon is more tech-savvy than most MRAs, and he posted photos onto Facebook during the two days. One of the final ones was this:


We were video recording with our bodycams over the two days, and in due course we’ll be publishing some edited footage.

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2 thoughts on “Conservative party conference, day 2

  1. Very well done, Mike and everybody who took part.

    Getting a greater awareness of men’s issues is very important. People who have been advocating for male rights for years can have a feeling that the knowledge battle is won because they see a great deal more men and women taking part. The truth is, many more ARE taking part but the vast majority remain uninformed, or misinformed.

    All those ‘equality experts’ failed to talk about men’s equal rights during their ‘conciousness raising’ meetings over the decades. That is one reason why femnists have no clues about equality and will fight men & boys being given their share. We are gaining some public perception and events like this one at the Conservative Conference can help to teach those who need to make the changes in soicety for equality for all of us, not just some of us.

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