5 thoughts on “Kathy Gyngell: Trump treated Hillary as an equal – that’s what the feminists can’t abide

  1. Hillary Clinton is the perfect rebuttal to bigoted feminists who will argue that female leaders are somehow morally superior to men.
    Look up the documentary ‘Clinton Cash’ by Peter Schweizer on YouTube and you’ll see that she is the most corrupt candidate for the White House in living memory and the documentary doesn’t even touch on her persecution of her husband’s sexual assault victims, or her corrupt activities in Arkansas when Bill was governor..

  2. I can neither forgive or forget what Clinton said about women being the primary victims of war.

    She was also reported as saying that if she ever became president there would not be enough ‘planes in America to take out the men who wanted to leave.

    I find it inconceivable that anyone who could say these things could seriously run for president.

    As for the blatant nepotism, no one closely connected with any official high flyer should be able to be appointed to any high office my virtue of tha fact.

    Clinton is a highly unpleasant empty headed nobody quite unfit to lead any nation, let alone America.

  3. Thought you might like to know of this regarding you campaign for merit in business.

    “Our work indicates that increasing the proportion of women in important decision-making bodies (e.g. gender quotas) may not be a guarantee for success.”

    Katherine Stroebe, Bernard A. Nijstad, Charlotte K. Hemelrijk,
    “Female Dominance in Human Groups:
    Effects of Sex Ratio and Conflict Level”,
    Social Psychological and Personality Science, 28 September 2016.


  4. That would make a change for Hitlary. Seems she is usually on a pedestal thanks to her sex/political connections/media. Just google what the NSA security details have said about her in the past.

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