Top modelling agent says male models ‘suffer big pay gap’ compared to women

Scandalous. Shouldn’t be allowed. Why aren’t the harridans who run The Women’s Equality Party protesting in the streets about this gross inequity?

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4 thoughts on “Top modelling agent says male models ‘suffer big pay gap’ compared to women

  1. What struck me was the adult nature of the discussion. Its fashion. Advertisers generally sell more to women. Its about negotiation in the business. Not a hint the Gov. should “do something!”
    If only the Beeb,s output about other “gaps” were as rational! Pop in a feminist and we’re halfway along the state enforcing “equal pay” scenario (except of course not if it means paying even a few men more).
    I find myself agreeing with the content that its about the models and their agents getting the best deals they can given the state of the fashion/beauty market. Is Newsbeat for youngsters?

  2. To be fair, it’s nice to see the BBC actually reporting one of these stories. Plus, it’s a job that’s far more widely valued than it is highly skilled – which is odd, for a career that women seem to excel at.

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