Mike Buchanan calls publicly for the resignation of Sarah Champion MP, Labour’s domestic abuse Minister

This piece is in today’s Mail on Sunday. Excerpts:

Labour’s Shadow Minister for domestic violence was an ‘abusive bully’ who terrified her former husband and cost him £200,000 in their divorce settlement, a friend claimed last night…

But a friend of Mr Hoyland, 59, a best-selling author and mountaineer who was the 15th Briton to climb Mount Everest, last night accused Miss Champion of ‘distorting the truth’ and playing down the incident.

He told The Mail on Sunday the row was really about a pre-nuptial agreement signed before they wed in 1999 – and suggested it was not the first and only time she had hit Mr Hoyland. [my emphasis]

The friend said: ‘In retrospect, Graham was stupid to have married Sarah. She was an attractive, vivacious woman but also very harassing and abusive during their marriage. He became terrified of her.

‘The argument that saw Graham call the police was over a pre-nuptial agreement. They both received cautions, which was something Derbyshire Police did at the time, but there was no doubt that Graham had called 999 and was the victim.’…

He added that Mr Hoyland felt aggrieved, that despite the abuse and harassment he suffered during the marriage, Miss Champion still ‘ended up walking away with £200,000’ in the divorce settlement.’ Mr Hoyland said last night: ‘I can confirm I was the victim of the attack by Sarah Champion. It’s embarrassing to have to admit your wife attacked you, but perhaps this is an issue that needs to be talked about.’…

Charities and domestic violence campaigners last night called for Miss Champion to resign.

Mike Buchanan, leader of Justice for Men and Boys, said: ‘Sarah Champion should stand down. If this was a male politician, it would be inconceivable that they could remain in this position having admitted that they have a caution for domestic violence.’

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn backed her to continue in her job yesterday, telling his party’s women’s conference in Liverpool: ‘I know everyone in this room today will want to join me in just simply saying this to Sarah Champion, “You have our total, full and absolutely warm support.”’

Jeremy Corbyn is, then, a domestic violence apologist – when the perpetrator is a woman, and the victim a man, anyway. This is consistent with the virulently anti-male positions he’s taken in other areas. In July 2015, when he was a leadership candidate, he published Working With Women, a feminist tract which led to people suggesting his party be renamed The Labour Party.

Corbyn is a supporter of the criminal offence of Male Genital Mutilation, as reported by The Jewish Chroniclehere.

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3 thoughts on “Mike Buchanan calls publicly for the resignation of Sarah Champion MP, Labour’s domestic abuse Minister

  1. There is, I notice, a difference in wording between Sarah Champion’s quotes in the Daily Mirror on the one hand, and the Mail on Sunday on the other, but let that pass for now.
    Miss Champion apparently described the incident in question as a “slight altercation”.
    Does one get arrested, held and then cautioned for that?
    Then we learn from her that she hasn’t said anything that was “untrue”.
    That leaves an awful lot of wiggle room for obfuscation, arguement and hair splitting – and of course Corbyn offers his “absolutely warm support”.

    He has to, he appointed her.

    That there should such a thing as ‘minister for domestic violence’ is, in itself, a doubtful creation since it
    will greatly facilitate the hugely dangerous ‘making the personal political’ policy of the feminist left, and magnify state interferance when there are clearly enough laws to deal with violence, assault and threatening behaviour already.
    Which prompts the question of how they intend to use, or misuse, their new powers.

    Never the less, if there is to be such a post as that, it’s quite clear that Sarah Champion is an unfit, inappropriate and improper person to hold it, having disqualified herself by her own behaviour.

    She must now resign, or be fired immediately.

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