Conservative party conference, ICC (Birmingham) – anti-MGM protest, 3/4 October

We’ve just announced that Mike Buchanan will be standing against Theresa May, prime minister, at the 2020 general election. The story is here. One of the reasons for the decision was that during her six years as Home Secretary – with responsibility for the police – she did nothing to protect male minors from the illegal procedure of non-therapeutic circumcision, and she is doing nothing about the matter as prime minister.

The police and CPS remain complicit in failing to bring prosecutions against the people mutilating the genitals of male minors, invariably for personal financial gain.

At last year’s Conservative party conference in Manchester, we created quite a stir with our Male Genital Mutilation (‘MGM’) protests, handing out leaflets, and engaging with a considerable number of conference attendees. A video (3:14) is here.

We plan to make an even bigger impact at the next conference, in Birmingham, in less than two weeks’ time. Some of our placards and leaflets will feature the image at the start of this post, of a distressed baby boy about to suffer the excruciating and illegal assault of genital mutilation.

One of our placard designs with the image is here, while the two sides of one of our leaflets are here and here. We’ll also be taking leaflets produced by Jews Against Circumcision, Brit shalom: A Peaceful Alternative.

Brit shalom is a naming ceremony for newborn Jewish boys. It’s a humanitarian alternative to Brit milah, which involves genital mutilation.

We plan to be outside the conference venue, the ICC, from around 09:00 for the first two full days – Monday 3 / Tuesday 4 October – as near to the main entrance point to the venue as possible. For our exact location, call Mike Buchanan on the day – 07967 026163. We invite you to join us, and if you’re short of funds, we may be able to help with your travel costs to and from Birmingham. Please email Mike ( if you think you might be able to make it, even if it’s for one of the days, or a few hours. Thank you for your support.

If everyone who read this gave us just £1 – or even better, £1 monthly – we could change the world. Click here to make a difference. Thanks.

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