Royal FeMail: Flexible working helps to accelerate careers

Our thanks to Mike for alerting us to this (video, 3:15) from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The description under the video:

Emma Wickham and Toni Jeffryes talk to Delivery Sector manager Marie Forrester about how job sharing has enabled them to fast-track their career at Royal Mail Group whilst managing their childcare commitments.

The job share was first conceived when Toni met Marie whilst she was speaking at one of Royal Mail’s Springboard events. These events aim to inspire women and help them reach their full potential.

Job sharing allows Toni and Emma the flexibility to cover their childcare needs whilst still delivering great service for Royal Mail customers. It also allows Royal Mail Group to make full use of their talent pipeline by developing more of the women already working for the organisation.

Flexible working helps to accelerate careers, eh? In breaking news, left is right, up is down, and black is white. How does the corollary look? Working full-time puts a brake on careers. Yes, this all makes perfect sense.

Royal FeMail is led by Moya Greene, a Canadian feminist who has been vocal in her support of gender quotas for corporate boards.

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One thought on “Royal FeMail: Flexible working helps to accelerate careers

  1. The royal Mail is now a privatised company but with a public sector ethos. As such, we can see the identical public sector failings in Royal Mail as we see in Local government and the Civil Service.
    At times I have wondered if the public sector is but an employment scheme for females. The Royal Mail is no different, it would seem. I have a ‘junk mail’ opt out. The problem with that is the inability of the Royal Mail to provide that service. It is a situation not helped by the endless stream of relief posties that deliver to my address. Gone are the days of a local village sorting office, gone are the days of our friendly and much esteemed regular village postie. What we now have is the joy of mis-directed mail, loads of junk mail, strangers wandering around with mail sacks and a company that couldn’t give a toss. Much like the entire public sector.
    Look out for more of the same as these policies bite deeper.

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