6 thoughts on “A petition calling for the promotion of Philip Davies MP

  1. There have been difficulties with the organisation that I started the petition with. If you care about that story, I have written it up on my blog

    I have been careful in selecting another site to host a similar petition. change.org hosted the popular and highly controversial call (now closed) to define feminism as a terror group, so there is no reason to think they will censor my petition. After a false start with a censoring organisation this new petition will be heavily promoted and I ask that everyone
    ▸ who cares for men and boys,
    ▸ who cares about families – men, women and children,
    ▸ who cares about the principle that if we are to have ‘equality’ then it must be applied equally, and (now)
    ▸ anyone who stands against censoring a poll based on negative ideology
    goes to https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-approve-and-promote-philip-davies-mp and signs it. Spread the word, please. Spread it far and wide and often.

    antimisandry.com has committed to sending out a press release on the petition when it has enough signatories.

    A draft message for you to send out to your friends:

    There is a petition I have just signed to support a rare politician who actually stands up for genuine equality. He cares about men and boys as well as women and girls! He has spoken recently about the inequities in our justice system and the poor education boys are getting. He stands against sexist misandry and insists that policies should be based on facts, not on feminist ideology.
    Philip Davies MP has been under attack lately by liars and sexists, so please support him and these great causes by signing the petition at https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-approve-and-promote-philip-davies-mp

  2. Fighting for men’s rights is ‘inappropriate’ .content ?… what has our society come to ?
    Do they really expect that for being gentlemen men must end up jobless, family-less, right-less, help-less, uneducated, discriminated underclass ?

    so a job well done Douglas. Thank you.

  3. I carefully worded the petition bearing in mind a petition calling for Philip’s resignation, hosted on the same site. In doing so, I corrected their misstatements, including referring to J4MB as a ‘group’. I accurately stated J4MB as a political party.

    Unfortunately, this may be what has caused a suspension of the petition. I have amended the petition wording, removing mention of Philip’s own Conservative Party and down-toning J4MB as being a political party. I am sure all supporters of the Party will understand the need: it is not me attempting to hide reality. Hopefully the petition will be active again soon and I urge everyone to not only sign it but to spread word of it.

    There is a great chance here, on the back of the media giving Davies so much publicity. The media articles are at best neutral and mostly slanted against him, some publishing outright lies from feminists. However, the comments on those articles from the public are very heavily in support of Davies, and in support of his (and our) message. Using this publicity, we have a wonderful opportunity to make it clear that caring for men and boys, as well as women and girls, is a way to increase votes. So, please promote this petition on facebook, on twitter, in the online newspaper comments and in your local media.

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