2 thoughts on “Angela Rayner, feminist MP who sought suspension of Philip Davies for ‘sexism’, attended gender segregated rally & was elected via all-women shortlist

  1. Feminists are stirring up a shitstorm over Philip. While I know him to be a robust man, in times like this having some support and encouragement helps.

    Several petitions against him have been started, as well as tne well-publicised calls for his resignation.

    I picked one of the more verbose petitions, took the text and corrected it for the facts rather than for feminist dogma, then launched an antonymous petition on the same web site. Please sign it and promote it around the internet, on general sites sites as well as on any other men’s sites you visit.


    “We are calling for Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, to be recognised as a leading MP for fairness & justice and a tireless campaigner for equality. His record shows that he fights against misogyny and misandry, that he supports everyone in society equally, and his actions show that he is one of the rare politicians to represent everybody in his constituency regardless of ideological bias and hate thrown at him for exposing the truth about issues.”


    This is a good time to show all politicians that supporting men and children, as well as women, will get them votes!

  2. Well,with men opening doors for her and keeping quiet, so as not to offend a woman, she is only happy to continue in her tracks. Why ? because she can. Easy. And the gentlemen are making it all possible for her and all the other women like her.. So we need many more Mikes and Davids, men who will open their mouth and criticize aloud.

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