Daily Express: Philip Davies blasts ‘sexist’ justice system for ‘discriminating against men’

Our thanks to Kevin for this, published today. The paper is claiming the story as an exclusive, which is curious given it’s been in every significant British newspaper over the past three days. More importantly it’s running a poll asking the following question:

Has feminism gone too far?

You’ll need to click on ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to discover what the consensus is. We can expect the feminist hordes to start tapping ‘No’ very shortly, because clicking on online polls is one of the few things they can manage to do, when not taking photographs of themselves stuffing their faces with cake. We shall then be expected to believe that people who read the Express online think feminism hasn’t gone too far.

3 thoughts on “Daily Express: Philip Davies blasts ‘sexist’ justice system for ‘discriminating against men’

  1. Mr. Davis deserves perhaps even two Winstons! What a courageous politician! All men who have not yet realized what a raw deal they’re getting need to take notice.
    Stop excusing women’s excesses simply because they are done by women. That is no longer good enough reason ! Treat those who declare themselves equal, equally. For better or worse.

  2. I notice that virtually all the comments on the article were in support of Philip Davies and hostile towards feminism.
    I think that Mr Davies deserves another ‘Winston’

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