Media coverage in the past 12 hours

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3 thoughts on “Media coverage in the past 12 hours

  1. Not one article I’ve read even stated any of the stats he brought up. I’ve just read the BBC article and it lacks even basic research. For a start it claims the speech was made at the J4MB party conference.

  2. Please consider; 1) The “cut and paste” similarity of all the articles – the headlines, themes and simple shaming. Many of the photos are shared. 2) How far these themes are from the content Philip Davies’ speech and the important issues of equality, justice, or inequality and injustice, that exist in my country 3) The complete and total absence of any reporting whatsoever of any aspect of the hugely successful International Conference on Men’s Issues and the wide ranging and informed presentations covering many important issues of equality and which drew hundreds of people from 20 countries to discuss, debate and consider. Has the Fawcett Society (or similar) concocted a derogatory press release to circulate through well established media channels because shaming is all they know? Why not report and debate these important issues of equality? Could there be a widespread fear of challenging feminism?

  3. I saw that the fawcett society spoke up claiming equality for women( whilst conveniently keeping quite the women exploting t shirt they wore)

    and if they want to go moaning to the PM about it( herself a proclaimed feminist) who I believe won’t forget that t shirt she wore that is a PR nightmare for her, then so be it. She knows she will alienate a large number fo voters for the tories if she does( and she is already on the line for the delay in brexit)

    but hey Mike, you know you have done well when the media such as the guardian starts attacking you(like they have done to anyone or any party that disagrees with them)… and you got some great free publicity !

    feminists acting like little spoilt children running to mummy because someone said they looked pretty.

    “Note the abuse of Davies written on some of the cakes”

    I wonder if we can expect a snorting cake from jess phillips whilst shes thinking about who she would next stab in the back( duck jeremy !!)

    kudos points to Davies, he really seems to have found his D-Day landing.

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