Sexual harassment of women in the workplace: Special Snowflake v Dr Catherine Hakim

Yesterday a very silly report on the purported sexual harassment of women in the workplace was published. It was produced by the TUC – the General Secretary of which is Frances O’Grady, a radical feminist, what are the chances? – in collaboration with Special Snowflake and her Everyday Whining Project. Needless to say, the mainstream media reported the ridiculous ‘findings’ uncritically.

On Channel 4 News this evening Cathy Newman interviewed both Special Snowflake and an intelligent woman, Dr Catherine Hakim. It’s the penultimate piece (6:29) here.

4 thoughts on “Sexual harassment of women in the workplace: Special Snowflake v Dr Catherine Hakim

  1. Watch Laura’s body language and her eyes in particular, notably when Catherine first speaks. She’s quite disturbing to watch.

    Laura’s study, like all of her advocacy research, is of course utter drivel. False workplace harassment claims have been a female tool of career advancement for decades. Still, facts aside, Laura has books to sell and young women to scare.

  2. Well I was please with the preceding story that Boys might like reading matter appropriate to their interests.
    As with so many stories I wonder someone doesn’t ask. “Did you ask men?” ” what did men say?” . Interestingly the NUS “survey” did and although lost in the reporting it actually showed similar levels of concern from males.
    It shows that these are “echo chamber” reports. Even Dr. Hakim falls into the trap of never considering odd for “research” not asking the other half of humanity. So there are lots of assumptions that they “just know” males have no problems and are filled with predatory thoughts.
    On the “echo chamber” theme. as you say sadly evidence and reason are pretty useless if no one is listening. And to be listened to on these topics one has to be female to enter the echo chamber. Hence the importance of supporting those women not so sunk into the ideology.

  3. why are not feminists pushing for gender segregation at school and workplace? If they claim the magnitude of harassment to be so huge and still under-reported, why not then?
    Could it be they dread a scenario when productivity figures are released for both the male workplace and the female…?

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