5 thoughts on “CPS show trials of men (contd.) Geography teacher weeps in court after jury takes just 26 MINUTES to clear him of repeatedly raping a pupil at £18,000-a-year public school

  1. What is known about about this Sue Akers I wonder?
    Admittedly her bio appears to read ok.
    Perhaps she IS fine and was brought in to deflect attention away from the No.1 suspect in this case – the nation’s very own, much loved DPP, Alison Saunders.
    For there are astounding similarities with that other shocking case of mis-jurisprudence, now celebrated as “Waterloogate”, starring Mark Pearson as the
    ”both hands already full, half second sexual abuser”,
    and a quite well known 66 year old actress who has no issues at all with absurd personal fantasies.
    That is to say, both cases have been shewn to be i/ as impossible as they are unlikely, ii/ both prosecutions featured no proof, iii/ both featured not even any evidence, iv/ both relied entirely on accusation only and, v/ both went ahead when they should not have done at the behest of the same person.
    Apart from all those, no problems at all really – to speak of…
    For (lots) more information on this subject, please see the late, great “Angry Harry’s” website article “Fooded with false rape allegations”
    which is still up – for now.
    As for the Witch Denouncers, sorry – that should read – ‘female victims of men’s bestial nature’ themselves, they must soldier on without any public recognition at all for their selfless bravery.

  2. “Her family’s lawyers brought in ex-Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers – who spent 36 years with the Metropolitan Police – as a private investigator who sought to guide officers on how to conduct the case, the court heard. When in April 2014 the house mistress told the girl she suspected sexual abuse, the teenager replied: ‘Maybe’. The girl finally came forward after visiting the head’s office on 3 December 2014. Sally Hales, QC, prosecuting, said: ‘She wanted to tell her about it, but couldn’t speak….”

    Says it all doesn’t it? All women. All feeding their own prejudices. All part of the feminist sisterhood. All believing the girl. It’s like Salem all over again!

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