14 thoughts on “Male circumcision: the issue that ended my marriage

  1. I had myself circumcised in my fifties for medical reasons. I knew little to nothing about circumcision at the time and the doctor who recommended it told me nothing more (this was an American doctor in Hong Kong). I was shocked at how much he removed (I had no idea that it would be that much!), and I can testify that the loss of sensation is considerable. Those who were circumcised at birth can have no concept of how much better sex would be if they were still intact, and it saddens me. Just imagine, for example, how well you would manage if they chopped off the tips of your fingers. I think the reason no one challenges penile mutilation is simply that it is a “private part” so nobody else cares.

  2. Very few women will stop a circumcision. Why? Because they hate men and want as much pain and discomfort toward him as is possible. Genital mutilation is illegal and yet this still happens on a regular basis.
    Why do men allow it to continue to their sons?

  3. Yes, when women speak on the Guardian, the commenters are all head-nodders. To be a good liberal you need to agree with women because they are women. If you disagree, you are sexist/misogynist. The comments are right on this but I suspect it’s about more to do with the author than the procedure itself.

  4. I read this article yesterday. What i found interesting was the number of comments supporting this woman and calling for a ban. I found it interesting because I wondered where the heck have these people been. MGM has been an issue for a while and yet there is still litte support for a ban.

    more likely the comments were in support of the woman rather than the child( feminists chanting for female empowerment).

    if it was an article about a man trying to stop his wife from circumcising their son I suspect he would have been called a misogynist.

  5. The Guardian comments are very promising but there are the usual misconceptions, e.g. people are saying the reason it lowers sensation is due to exposure of the glans. The glans being pleasurable is an enduring folk theory which baffles me. Essentially all the pleasure giving nerves are in the upper part of the foreskin, ie the parts cut off .

    It doesn’t matter who i speak to , even GPs, nobody seems to know this, even though it’s been proven via histological analysis and would be an easy thing for an intact man to find out. But men obviously don’t bother to isolate their sensation .

    Guardianistas are also propagating the myth fgm is worse . The opposite is true, but this gynocentric society would never admit it. Iknow it takes all the sensation away and causes erectile dysfunction as Iwas mutilated unnecessarily in my teens. It numbs your penis, but then that was the original intention.

  6. But not a crime that the Authorities prosecute if its a Boy. As the woman points out how can it be that court orders can be obtained occasionally, yet all around it carries on unimpeded by the state.

  7. Yes of course, that was my intent, to wait until the boy was 18 at which time the VAST majority would not only say no, but HELL NO!

    And with this, we would now understand that any parents doing it before the boy can make his own choice is actually doing a grave dis-service to him. Anyway, it doesn’t matter; it not YOUR body, it’s your sons body and we do not own them as property. They are on loan to us from God and he expects us to take better care than to allow this Barbary!

    Has everyone gone insane?!?!?!? Genital mutilation is a crime!! It doesn’t matter if I WANT to do it or not! I want to rob a bank and become rich but it too, is illegal.

  8. Agreed, but for me with the proviso male minors should not be able to exercise that ‘choice’, they’d have to wait until 18. For most male minors, the cultural / familial pressure would be too strong to accede to the procedure; they would not be making an informed ‘choice’.

  9. A marriage ended because a third party was not circumcised. WOW!
    Is it just me, or is this the height of stupidity? All you have to do is give the choice over to the ONLY one who should ever have it in the first place; the boy.

    See? Problem solved.

    Stupid, stupid people…

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