A woeful article in ‘The Economist’

A couple of days ago someone working at the London office of The Economist interviewed Paul Elam, and he’s quoted in a woeful article which is expected to appear in tomorrow’s UK print edition. The equally woeful title is, ‘Balls to all that: The rebalancing of the sexes has spawned 21st-century misogyny.’

Paul spoke about the London conference during the interview but, predictably, no mention was made of it in the article, so I referred to it in a comment which I captured with a screen grab – here.

An indicator of the poor quality of the article, and it’s ideologically anti-male bias, can be gleaned from these few words:

Observers of the manosphere disagree over exactly what fuels it. Barbara Risman, the head of the sociology department at the University of Illinois at Chicago…

A female head of a university sociology department. Hmm, she’ll surely be well-qualified to speak about what fuels the manosphere, yes indeed.

3 thoughts on “A woeful article in ‘The Economist’

  1. The learned Ms Risman apparently thinks that “men struggling with feeling dispensable” is the same as “men feeling as though they’ve lost dominance.” But the fact is that men are not struggling with feeling indispensable at all. Men are struggling with actually becoming dispensable.

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