8 thoughts on “Essex University gives female professors one-off pay rises in order to close gender pay gap

  1. This is what women do, when men kiss up to them constantly, on whatever grounds. And as long as men are made to believe they must tolerate anything women do, this ridiculous situation will continue getting more ridiculous.

  2. In the public sector, and the HE sector still hasn’t really moved out of the public sector in its culture. Such changes are usually made by manipulation of pay scales and grades. I suspect in this case there was a hike for “Profs” by reducing the number of grades. Now grades tend to proliferate when recruitment proves difficult, with additional grades created when posts prove hard to fill. In the Essex case, from the article, it appears they simply got rid of or conflated grades at the lower end of the professorial scale, these will have been the “easy to fill”. Posts. I suspect that these will have been in Arts and Social Sciences and therefor be almost exclusively female. So avoiding directly discriminating because it is the grades that changed. Clearly indirect discrimination. The legat test would be was it “proportionate”.
    The public sector is replete with this sort of thing which effectively produces little incentive to get on.

  3. I went on the story. In the read more section there were three stories listed . One where boys supposedly get more pocket money: one about male “traders” get bigger bonuses and one that the gender gap in HE expectations starts at 13. Isn’t revealing that the latter story link doesn’t say the advantage is to girls in that report?

  4. To feminists, of course, a professor of Gender Studies should be paid the same as a professor of (say) Physics, despite the hugely different supply/demand positions. It’s predictable that spineless university administrators would accede to their demands.

  5. I assume the defence would be ‘positive action’, a feminist invention – it’s positive discrimination, in all but name – incorporated in the Equality Act (2010) drawn up by Harriet Harman and her ilk, and enacted by the coalition shortly after coming to power.

  6. Mind boggling. Academia is an area where if YOU DO THE SAME WORK you get the same pay. Look at Mary Beard, for example.
    Any gender pay differentials are down to female lifestyle choices, such as not choosing to put in the hours, or not taking on additional responsibilities.
    And in a scarce discipline you can justify pay differences.

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