The firm that gave every woman a 8.6% pay rise

My thanks to Toby for pointing us to this piece from the BBC, which produced the associated ‘must see’ video (1:12). The accompanying short article starts:

Surveys have shown that women round the world are paid less for equal work. [my emphasis]

Hmm… what surveys would those be?

Now who doubts the BBC is a licence fee funded feminist propaganda organization?

2 thoughts on “The firm that gave every woman a 8.6% pay rise

  1. What the company did, if it exists, is clearly illegal. She states that only if the average pay of ALL men is higher than the average pay of ALL women, then the women of ANY position and ANY performance get a pay rise.

    This means, any women, actually doing the same job as a man, with the same experience. will definitely be payed more than him. It also rewards laziness.. It does not say that if the reverse was found that the men would get a rise instead. Any equal pay for equal work must take in to account the position or the system cannot be fair. She clearly states this is not the system so we can assume that it is not equal.

    What past centuries in which all men and women were doing the same jobs is she taking about? Before modern technology this was never the case.

  2. So were they not paying women enough and now they are, are they now paying women more than men?

    Have this company been breaking the law or are they now breaking the law?

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