Lady All-Kneel comments on Clare Balding’s response to the Muirfield storm in a teacup

It’s always good to encounter interesting and/or amusing new blogs. Baroness Honoraria All-Kneel left the following comments in response to one of our pieces about the recent vote of the members of Muirfield golf club to continue excluding women members (the vote was very close, next time around the policy will surely be changed):

Interesting that Clare Balding should refuse to present the golf from Muirfield because of their stance on admitting women as members.

Would this be the same Clare Balding who attended Newnham College, Cambridge, which refuses to admit men as students?

Lady All-Kneel’s blog is FemiFist – our choices, your throat. The ‘About us’ section:

Lady All-Kneel has spent her career lecturing in female-only Universities on the subject of gender equality. She is the chairperson of EFWORC, the Equality For Women Only Rights Committee, which is appointed by the Minister for Women, where she works tirelessly in the name of equality along with the rest of the all-female panel of commissioners.

She also has a passionate interest in public accountability, using her influence on several unelected committees and her seat in the unelected House of Lords to further the cause of holding everyone else to account via innovative methods.


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