Terrence Popp, MC at the London conference

We’re looking forward to Terrence Popp being the Master of Ceremonies at the London conference. From the home page of his website, Redonkulas:


At Redonkulas.com, we don’t do butt-hurt. We don’t do Wet Wipes. We really don’t care if it makes you cry.

Man up. Or woman up. Whatever. Put some damn pants on, quit your sniveling, stop looking for reasons to be offended (we’ll offend you, we promise) and stop being such a sissy mouth-breathing oxygen-thieving apple-ass.

It’s all in good fun, kids. If we’re not offending you, tell us. We’ll try harder.

If strong language troubles you, it might be advisable to give his videos a miss, but you’ll be missing some insightful and often hilarious material. I’m sure he’ll employ less colourful language at the London conference.

The remainder of this blog post consists of a post we originally published in August 2014, following Terrence’s memorable appearance at the Detroit conference.

“Terrence Popp is a remarkable American, a distinguished war veteran, and we’re admirers of the videos he posts on his channel, Redonkulas. We had a number of email exchanges in the months before the conference, and I was pleased to meet Terrence there, and be photographed with him – here. He ‘pulled a few strings’ and persuaded the fine people running a ‘Veterans of Foreign Wars’ facility in a quiet suburb of Detroit to host the conference, after the Hilton hotel in Detroit (where the conference was scheduled to be held) at very short notice… and I’ll say no more, for legal reasons.

AVfM has just posted a video of Terry’s well-received presentation in Detroit, and it includes the award-winning video about the time he came very close to committing suicide. The whole piece is well worth watching.

Without men like Terrence Popp, the world would be a far more dangerous place.

We salute him, and men like him.”

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