3 thoughts on “Kathy Gyngell: Too many part-time women, not enough time for patients – it’s no wonder GPs are losing respect

  1. Walk-in centres is the way to go. You may have to wait 2-3 hours or more but you see a doctor and get treated. You can wait weeks for a GP. As for repaying the debt, they won’t. They’ll be overseas somewhere.

  2. I recall reading a description by a reader of whatever publication it was, of their GP practice. This person said that there were five doctors, two full time men and three part time women.
    The women did the mother and baby clinics, the tick box screening, the lifestyle related stuff such as smoking cessation, healthy eating, etc. The men treated the sick.
    That really stuck in my mind.
    Since medical training is funded, why not say, in return for that free funding, you enter into a binding commitment to work full time in the NHS after qualification for ten years. The only let out is severe and disabling accident or illness.
    If you choose to exercise reproductive rights, travel abroad, work part time or otherwise “flexibly” then bang! Your debt hits you and the cost of your training becomes repayable.
    The same could apply to other essential qualifications, too. Commit to ten years full time work, and your training is funded. Otherwise, you have to finance yourself as someone doing basket weaving or a combined Arts or Social Science degree has to.

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