PC Leanne Winter, 38, ignored pleas of disabled man beaten to death by vigilantes because she was eating a Pot Noodle

Our thanks to B for this. A disabled man died as a result of being let down by two policewomen, and it seems their punishment was limited to being sacked, after being suspended for three years. From the article:

Mitigating on behalf of Leanne Winter, David Hughes added that his client was operating in extremely difficult circumstances and had to make tough decisions.

He added: “She has been gravely affected in the three years she has been suspended and having to deal with the consequences of what happened that night.

“There were systematic failings of the force. It would be a tragedy of justice if Leanne Winter were to lose her job and she does not deserve that.”

Speaking on behalf of Helen Harris, Raymond Tully said the 40-year-old had been suspended for the past three years after joining the force in 2002.

He said: “She found herself in an extremely trying and difficult situation. She was flawed but she was trying her very best.

“It occurred in circumstances where she was drawing towards the end of her shift.

“The final two hours were extremely difficult and testing. She had become extremely frustrated. She was feeling tired and let down. In these circumstances she lost it.”

Would any of these ‘mitigating circumstances’ have been employed by lawyers on behalf of male police officers? It’s very doubtful.

6 thoughts on “PC Leanne Winter, 38, ignored pleas of disabled man beaten to death by vigilantes because she was eating a Pot Noodle

  1. This is no surprise, the police are always given preferential treatment by the ruling establishment as they are their only line of defence against the disgruntled masses, got to be kept loyal with immunity, good wages and great retirements plus the ‘swivell eyed’ feminists are encouraged by the ruling establishment to fracture the traditional family unit and men/women relations because a strong family equals a strong community with identity and that represents a formidable force that makes the establishment nervous and more accountable, divide and conquer is one of their game plasn.

  2. Police who abrogate their lawful duty should be struck off and fined…but then that would require a system of lawful justice. How long has it been since we had one of those?

  3. Note also the anti-male sexism of the prosecutions: Whereas “Both women had previously been cleared of criminal misconduct by a jury at Bristol Crown Court.” but “PC Kevin Duffy, who failed to investigate because he “disliked” Bijan and PSCO Andrew Passmore, who lied about how long he spend on patrol were found guilty and jailed.”

  4. They would have spent most of the time off sick and not able to deal with it. But since they were on a disciplinary suspension their pay would not reduce and then cease. They were probably angling for a medical retirement, and sometimes if they conceivably qualify, a public body will give in to get such people off the books.

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