BBC pledges half of workforce will be women by 2020

Our thanks to Nigel for this. The start of the piece:

Women will make up half of the BBC workforce on screen, on air and in leadership roles by 2020, the corporation has announced.

No mention there of women in technical roles, you’ll notice. Women will be preferenced for the more glamorous and well-paid jobs.

Two years ago AVfM published my article on the BBC being a job creation scheme run by women, for women – here.

The BBC as an organization, and in its output, is set to become ever more anti-male. From time to time we add links to examples of this bias on our Key posts, scroll down to ‘BBC anti-male bias’.

9 thoughts on “BBC pledges half of workforce will be women by 2020

  1. It is difficult for me to treat women with respect anymore. Disgust is more like it.
    I can’t help this feeling anymore. I feel I am being driven to this state of mind by them.
    How sad that is !

  2. I’ve noticed that the BBC sticks adverts on their website if you access it from outside the UK, therefore it’s actually well worth trying to deny them traffic (and thus revenue), at least when they’re being sexist (i.e. 95% of the time). Therefore here’s an archive:

  3. I think it’s helpful to remember that bbc has ALWAYS been a mouthpiece for the elite of the day – NO MATTER WHO THAT WAS.
    This, in itself, proves that cultural Marxism (which is what feminism is, in disguise) is now in a position to openly manifest after it’s “long march through the institutions”.
    I myself used to work there ( not in any senior or influential position I should say, before they got rid of me by offering me the chance to apply for DEmotion if you please afrer thirty years loyal service!)
    I finally realised the rot had set in when they started running ‘take your daughters to work days’.
    I made myself scarce lest they required me to supply technical support, which (for the first time ever) I was going to refuse.
    Luckily for me it didn’t come to that.

  4. There is more than one campaign to axe the television licence and the demands are growing both louder and more insistent. Without it the BBC is finished.

    The BBC is a sinking ship and its days are numbered. No man with a brain would want a place on a sinking ship, especially since women still get priority for places in the lifeboats, as well as preferential consideration for the captain’s job.

    Scrapping the BBC licence fee seems like a men’s rights issue to me.

  5. When they have over archived this goal are they going to sack women to keep the numerical balance? I don’t think so. Then it will be because they have the jobs on merit of course. This we will now never know for certain as anyone hired from now on, male or female, will all be tarred with the same brush of only being there to justify the BBC’s biased political stance. A stance that is putting out more and more biased content, especially their web content and looks like they plan to get even worse.

    At least they can save money by doing away with the complaints system as it will be pointless from now on.

  6. Mike, This has been going on everywhere in the west, since 1984 in Canada with Affirmative Action. Women are given preference for the prime jobs. Men have greatly reduced opportunities for advancement in every industry. I’ve watched 60 year old men toil in the freezing rain in the Chemical industry while healthy 30 year-old women lounge in the control room not even bothering to dress for work in protective gear, knowing full-well that they won’t have to do anything dirty, dangerous or uncomfortable.
    When men are injured or have a health problem they will be out of work today since all of the jobs they once could be transferred to are taken by women.
    Nothing but a full-out man-strike can stop this bigotry

  7. So the message to ambitious and talented men is ‘Don’t work for the BBC’.
    I hope that this accelerates the decline of this useless, politically biased excuse for a public service broadcaster.
    They claim that their mission is ‘To enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain’. What a sick joke.

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