Philip Davies MP and Mark Pearson will be speaking at ICMI16

This announcement is, we think, a bit special. We already have 20 impressive speakers scheduled for the London conference, and I’m delighted to announce two more. The following is drawn from the ‘Speakers’ tab on the conference website, just updated:

160411 Philip Davies MPPhilip Davies MP – ‘The Justice Gender Gap’

Philip has been the Conservative MP for Shipley since 2005. He’s a highly regarded advocate for men’s rights, the only such MP in the House of Commons. Examples of his work include revealing startling gender differences in prison sentencing, in 2012 – video here. On International Men’s Day (2015) he introduced the first parliamentary debate on men’s issues – video here.

160411 Mark PearsonMark Pearson – ‘Facing my Waterloo’

Mark is an award-winning contemporary artist, trained at the Royal College of Art. He recently became the focus of an international news story, when he was falsely accused of sexually assaulting an actress when walking past her in Waterloo Station. He advocates an end to the institutional misandry in the Crown Prosecution Service.

The head of the Crown Prosecution Service is Alison Saunders, a recent Toxic Feminist of the Month.

We have a strict limit of 200 people in the conference room at ICMI16. Not many tickets are left now, so if you’re thinking of attending, now is the time to order your ticket(s). Please don’t contact me after they’ve run out, expecting me to perform a miracle and make a ticket available. That simply won’t be possible. You can order your ticket(s) here.

4 thoughts on “Philip Davies MP and Mark Pearson will be speaking at ICMI16

  1. This is brilliant news, Mike. Well played, sir. Davies is one of the two politicians I actually have some trust for when it comes to men’s rights. You’re the other (with apologies for using the ‘P’ word).

  2. @hequal Do you remember the cinema scene from ‘A Clockwork Orange’, where Alex is bound to a chair with his eyes clamped open?
    That’s probably the only way that you would get Jess Phillips to pay any attention to men’s issues.

  3. What an amazing list of speakers. You really seem to have got every single area/angle covered with a first class speaker/personality.

    Did you invite Jess Phillips yet, she claims to care about men’s issues more than Davies so I’m sure she’d love to come along….

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