Facebook removed AVfM’s page – at the behest of Rose S Garston

[Note added 12.4.16: The Facebook ban on the AVfM page has just been lifted.]

Just published. Facebook took the AVfM Facebook page down because of this report from Rose S Garston – our thanks to J for archiving it, great catch. Ms Garston describes herself on her Facebook page as:

Thorn in the side of MRAs.

Another archived page from her site is here. She’s one of those ‘I love my fat body’ types – there’s a photo of her holding a sheet of paper, on which exactly that is written – and her comment stream includes this:

Stop the fat shaming. Fat is beautiful. Fat is healthy. It is the patriarchy that has dictated women must all be skinny as rakes for the viewing pleasure of men. Fuck that. You want that donut? That chicken burger and fries? That 15inch pizza? Then, go for it. Get it down you. Enjoy. (smile emoticon)

Word of advice though. Being fat wont stop men catcalling you. At my heaviest I was 717lb and men would still catcall me when I was in my mobility scooter buying groceries.

3 thoughts on “Facebook removed AVfM’s page – at the behest of Rose S Garston

  1. She’s lost weight? Why? She’s so proud of her size! Wouldn’t she be healthier if she’s fatter? Does she hate herself so much that she has enslaved herself to pursuing the toxic societal standard that thinness is more attractive and healthy? Is she suffering from anorexia? Did she break her power chair and find herself unable to shop for more food? She needs to get that weight back up over 700 so she can feel good about herself again.

  2. 717lbs is 51st 3lbs. A woman weighing a quarter of that is a size 18 -20, which is not attractive to most men, or to women. Not only do I find fat women physically repulsive, I regard the cost of fat people to the tax payer as an unreasonable and insupportable burden. It is my belief that the proportion of fat women to men is probably the same as the inverse ratio of income tax payers. Morbidly obese people require disproportionately expensive special equipment while contributing nothing more to the economy other than through excessive consumption and waste and are therefore effectively anti-social.

    Note that I am talking about obese and morbidly obese people rather than those who are simply a stone or two heavier than Nanny considers appropriate.

    I don’t think I can bring myself to look at the woman’s photographs.

  3. Antifeminism Australia have had their FB taken down as well, along with another whose name I forget. Looks like it might be back up now though.

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