Stephen Pollard, Editor of The Jewish Chronicle, insults Mike Buchanan on Twitter

Stephen Pollard (@stephenpollard) has tweeted this:

You’ve dropped the pretence you’re anything other than a bigot. Protesting outside a Jewish newspaper because we are Jewish

I took the opportunity to send him seven tweets in quick succession, and took a ‘screen save’ to prove they’d been sent, here. It would appear he didn’t publish them, hardly surprisingly. His Twitter account is here.

6 thoughts on “Stephen Pollard, Editor of The Jewish Chronicle, insults Mike Buchanan on Twitter

  1. Excellent work Mike. The whole issue of men’s rights requires bravery, whether one is confronting the deep routed instincts, the biological imperative that impels us to pull out the stops for women due to the ancient mathematics of survival [that should be considered defunct in a modern society] or when confronting what is let’s face reality, a minority group that has shown itself to be expert at the control of our society. The Jewish minority can mobilize us to go to wars that would cost the lives of many young men in an instant whereas we have been fighting for much simpler and more wholesome things for many years with little effect.

    I congratulate you on the clearly enormous size of your cojones.

    I have posted many excellent articles of late on my blog that have delved into the Jewish control of much of our society here and in the US and the reports indicate that this is not due to merit, but rather to ethnic networking:

    My point in imparting this information is that of course you will not find that mythical huge intellect of the Jews confronting you in debate when you and others of our members quite rightly boycott Jewish institutions that support barbaric practices like male infant ritual genital mutilation.

    You will in fact find the standard weak attacks like the one leveled at you, the least bigoted man. I know that you have nothing against Jews as you have defended them many times in our private communications as I hope you realize I have nothing against Jews as individual people. In fact Jews in our society should praise men like you and I for having the courage to criticize Jewry’s questionable practices.

    Jews should praise us as their greatest friends, which is what we are, the rare men that have the gumption to confront them with the truth.

  2. Yes these people are so desperate now to silence the truth about this because finally people are speaking out against this horrific practice and putting a spotlight on the people that want to keep this secret and keep criminally mutilating the genitals of innocent male children. Yes these sick people will manipulate, deceive and use any tactic possible to try and silence people that bring out the truth about male sexual mutilation/male prepuce amputation. You should tell him though that even educated and enlightened Jewish people are now turning against their own horrific cultural practice with a peaceful welcoming ceremony called Brit Shalom…Even Jewish people that see circumcision for what it is – Male Genital Mutilation – refuse to do this to their own children. These people can try and silence the truth all they want but it doesn’t matter if you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian etc.. Male genital mutilation [circumcision] is wrong PERIOD and will always be wrong no matter what… Like I said though there are a lot of sick people out there that do want to keep the truth secret so they will constantly play mind games and try to use any manipulation tactic to try and silence the people that speak the truth about male sexual mutilation/male prepuce amputation.

  3. Agreed – inevitable, whatever we say or do. And with that ridiculous allegation out of the way – of course by ‘bigot’ Pollard meant ‘anti-Semitic’ – what other ammunition does he have, or other supporters of mutilating baby boys’ genitals on non-therapeutic grounds? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  4. When Jews bring out their ‘anti semitism’ ammunition you know you’ve touched a nerve. It had to come.

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