Three more anti-MGM protests before the London conference

[Note added 20.4.16: The Golders Green protest has been put back from 5 May to 12 May, 1pm – 6pm.]

I am delighted to announce three more anti-MGM protests will take place before the London Conference. One of the speakers at the conference will be the American researcher Tim Hammond, who’ll be giving a new talk on the Global Survey of Circumcision Harm.

Our last three protests have been successful, and attracted increasing numbers of supporters – the first outside the Conservative party conference (October 2015), the second in Parliament Square on International Men’s Day (November 2015), the third recently in Luton, outside the Thornhill Clinic, the leading private clinic in the UK where male minors’ genitals are mutilated on non-therapeutic grounds for financial gain. The third protest was the largest-ever anti-MGM protest ever held in the UK.

The next protest, 1pm – 6pm on Thursday 12 May, will be in Golders Green, and we expect it will be even more successful. We shall be protesting outside at least two locations over that period

– the offices of The Jewish Chronicle – 28 St Albans Lane, London NW11 7QE, very near Golders Green Tube station. A map of the area is here. The offices can be reached via either entrance of St Alban lane, but the quickest way to get there is to walk a short distance down the Finchley Road, then turn left after a charity shop. The offices are at the end of the lane:


A more close-up image of the offices:


– a clinic where circumcisions are performed by Dr Martin Harris, who was recently added by A Voice for Men to its Known Genital Mutilators directory. We see from his website that he charges £395.00 to mutilate baby boys’ genitals. The clinic is the Temple Fortune Health Centre, 23 Temple Fortune Lane, London NW11 7TE. A map of the area is here. The clinic is in a shabby building in a prosperous area:


The second protest will be over 1pm – 6pm on Wednesday 1 June, outside the Home Office – 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF – because the Home Office is responsible for the police, and the police (acting with the CPS) aren’t bringing prosecutions against the people carrying out the criminal offence of MGM. In the Home Office response to our FOI request last year, the department didn’t deny MGM is illegal, but evaded the question of why it doesn’t prosecute the criminals carrying out the procedure. A map of the area is here.

The third protest will be over 1pm – 6pm on Wednesday 15 June, outside the Head Office of the NSPCC – Weston House, 42 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3NH. A map of the area is here. An email exchange in our possession proves that the NSPCC couldn’t care less about this unnecessary, cruel, and illegal procedure being inflicted on so many male minors in the UK every year.

8 thoughts on “Three more anti-MGM protests before the London conference

  1. It’s great that you are protesting outside NSPCC offices. They are the most vile man-hating organisation in the world. Misanthropic even. However, by far the biggest issue with them is their incessant man-hating child abuse hysteria. Please just take a look at this video about a pianist father who’s son has been kidnapped by Social Services:

    And it’s the NSPCC that has been heavily responsible for creating this disturbing legislative, social and political climate that results in children being kidnapped from their parents against the child’s will. It is very ironic that Mark Wood claims “children who are able to express views about circumcision should be involved in the decision-making process” yet the NSPCC are completely against that. They are more than happy to celebrate when children are kidnapped from their parents against the child’s own wishes. The NSPCC and Social Services then use a complex and sadistic legal system designed to silence dissent (parents of children kidnapped are legally not allowed to identify themselves or their child – a clear violation of basic free speech rights).

    And that’s before we event get started on the purient charade – spearheaded by the NSPCC – that is “child sexual abuse” with Jeremy Forrest and Adam Johnson who both had willing “victims” rotting in prison for over half a decade while serious violent criminals are let off with suspended sentences.

    And would you like to know why the NSPCC are as psychopathic as they are? The answer is: Money. Peter Wanless, their CEO, gets over £160,000 as his salary! Does it sound fair to you that a *charity* is paying their CEO several times the average wage out of public *donations*? The NSPCC have been accused of spending something like 50% of their income on marketing. The truth is Peter Wanless and his cronies are making a living out of spreading child abuse hysteria. Child abuse hysteria sells. But it also destroys lives. Enough is enough these charlatans need to be exposed for the criminals they are!

  2. I shall be there. A normal, healthy, functional, erogenous part of my body was stolen from me before I even knew I was born, at my mother’s behest. My sister didn’t have a normal, healthy, functional, erogenous part of her body stolen from her. Call me eccentric if you will, but I reckon that’s sex discrimination. Any other eccentrics out there are welcome to join us on 5th May to make a stand for every man’s right to live his life with the whole body that he was born with. Plenty of people make a big noise about the right of women to live their lives without fear of forced genital cutting.

  3. Jeez! That deserves a reply: “We do understand that some parents see male circumcision as in the best interests of their child” – So what? Some parents think it’s in the best interests of their daughters too. They’re wrong. And “children who are able to express views about circumcision should be involved in the decision-making process” – So, children unable to express views, because of their infancy, or muteness, or severe Downs etc have no rights . . . just fuck ’em? Thanks NSPCC, you utter fraudulent cowards!

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