One thought on “After The Archers shocked fans with Ambridge’s ‘first murder’, Erin Pizzey warns – This plot could drive more women to kill

  1. I don’t doubt a word of this item by an admirable veteran of feminism’s inherent violence herself.
    However we all know by now that the bbc is always a mouth piece for the ruling elite – whoever that might be – and whether it’s disinfomation about the non existant ‘global warming’, or lies about the incompetant, corrupt and profoundly undemocratic club for failed career politicians known as ‘the eu’.
    My respectful suggestion to anyone concerned by this would be to not watch the bbc, or listen to radio 4 – the network most likely to broadcast p.c. lies.
    Should anyone doubt (entirely understandably) my qualifications for saying this, or also that I do not say it lightly – which are that, for many
    years, I used to work there.

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