One thought on “Schoolgirl, 14, cowers on the floor as a gang of 14 female bullies stamp on her head, punch her body and spit on her during sickening attack while she was en route to meet her parents

  1. Not nice. Fast forward ten years and you’ll find that in the majority of cases of workplace bullying the perpetrators are female as well.
    I think this is because male bullies tend to be dealt with by their peers in adolescence, plus they present in an unattractive way to authority. Female bullies, by contrast are often quite pretty, have learned to ingratiate themselves with authority and are accomplished liars, so they don’t get the hiding they deserve from other young people, so their bullying survives unchecked into the workplace, where they have the protection of their gender. And, as so often happens,when they get pregnant and are more or less legally untouchable, their spite can really flower.

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