One thought on “Karen Straughan: Is Feminism really dying?

  1. I think Karen has it pretty much spot on here. Although she does not use the phrase, it’s a good example ‘of give them the rope and let them hang themselves with it’.
    She’s right to say femarxism might never go away entirely, there will be re-infections and sporadic outbreakes of it indefinitely, and of course those who have wormed their way into the fabric of society like a cancer will still be there for years yet – we cannot say it’s over, and just stand down, go home and have our tea.
    Reasoned oppostion must coninue for now – like a course of anti-biotics.
    However I have been saying recently to anyone who will listen that my hope is that we may be approaching ‘peak feminism’, after which there is only one way for them to go.

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