Disrespect Nobody (nobody who is female, anyway)

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Have you seen this Disrespect Nobody campaign sponsored by the Home Office (Theresa May) and the Government Equalities Office? I’m appalled. It is 100% anti-male and presented as if only boys/men commit crimes of rape, sexting, relationship abuse, reading their girlfriend’s texts, etc. The campaign has adverts on television (E4 last night), radio spots (Spotify) and the internet. Our taxes are funding this.


It is 100% anti-male, sexist, humiliating, degrading, paints men and boys as abusers of women and girls, and urges women and girls to contact Women’s Aid and other anti-male hate groups to report incidents.

Reporting leads to criminal prosecution of boys under the newly revamped domestic violence/ domestic abuse law that can twist almost any act by a boy such as reading his girlfriend’s texts into “coercive and controlling behaviour” that is now criminalised by the UK.

This campaign is almost certainly aimed at increasing prosecutions by the police and the CPS of these petty teenage matters, with girls not realising the uncontrollable avalanche they’ve started with the police and the CPS and the boys being sucked into a criminal justice system that has been hijacked by radical feminists to criminalise them and destroy their lives before they’ve started.

Someone’s got a petition going to remove it. You may want to circulated this link to J4MB members to sign:


But this isn’t enough. Criminal prosecution against Nicky Morgan and Theresa May is in order. A formal complaint to the police of an anti-male Hate Crime being committed by the Home Office and Equalities Office should be made.



10 thoughts on “Disrespect Nobody (nobody who is female, anyway)

  1. Everyone seems to feel the need to say that:
    “women abuse men to”

    and start their argument from that point, and there is the problem, you are already conditioned to be on the back foot to the point of not being able to have a conversation in this society. The simple fact is whether men abuse women or women do it to, that advert has been designed to deliberately attack and villify men, and it’s playing over and over like a mantra.

    Is the situation oh so terrible today in comparison to the past?

    I recently asked my dad that and commented back in the 70’s you had Jimmy saville running round, he pointed out they also had the moors murderers running round. That to is the reality with women and men to, are relationships more progressive today/ Absolutely. Were women getting abused to a greater extent in the past? Unequivocelly yes. The situation has never been better and it continues to improve, to be honest you are always going to have crime, criminals and imbeciles, do we really need to create the impression that things are worstening when they aren’t.

    The worst thing about this advert is it twists things, where do you draw the line on “telling someone not to wear” Girls I have lived with over the years have asked me if I liked what they were wearing, and I haven’t always liked every thing I have ever seen, that is the nature of people, but you are taking one thing and calling it something else.

    There are points I can’t even discuss about what they are doing because they will twist my natural going through life without incident views into the indefensible with their rhetoric, but the simple fact is what they are doing is seeking to affect the normal interactions between men and women, things just are a certain way, I am a man and some people are women, that is not sexist it is simple fact.

    Did anyone see that ridiculous advert with a mother and her daughter watching Billie Holiday, and some woman footballer no one would know the name of with girl on fire playing in the background? As if a child would have that defined a gender identity or furthermore as if any young girl in todays society would need to be empowered in that way, it’s ludicrous, I think this was an advert for Sky, just who comes up with this stuff? I know it doesn’t have mass appeal because I have the internet, people don’t like it, most women included. Billie Holiday points at the viewer and says “you” The girl cannot believe it as if to say “What me, you mean I can become more than a secretary?” Ridiculous.

    If you think as the powers that be “We seem to have a lot of young imbeciles in our midst, and a few of em have girlfriends…” Then you sort that out through their social workers, this info is meant for children of a lesser god, but you spew it out and it is poisoning the normal atmosphere, people grow up listening to this stuff.

  2. British Psychological Society article:

    Women may be more likely to be aggressive to their partners than men, according to a study presented this week as part of a symposium on intimate partner violence (IPV) at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Forensic Psychology annual conference in Glasgow.

    Dr Elizabeth Bates from the University of Cumbria and colleagues from the University of Central Lancashire gave a total of 1104 students (706 women and 398 men; aged between 18 to 71 with an average age of 24) questionnaires about their physical aggression and controlling behaviour, to partners and to same-sex others (including friends).

    The fundings showed that women were more likely to be physically aggressive to their partners than men and that men were more likely to be physically aggressive to their same-sex others.

    Furthermore, women engaged in significantly higher levels of controlling behaviour than men, which significantly predicted physical aggression in both sexes.

    Commenting on the findings, lead researcher Dr Elizabeth Bates said: “Previous studies have sought to explain male violence towards women as rising from patriarchal values, which motivate men to seek to control women’s behaviour, using violence if necessary.

    “This study found that women demonstrated a desire to control their partners and were more likely to use physical aggression than men. This suggests that IPV may not be motivated by patriarchal values and needs to be studied within the context of other forms of aggression, which has potential implications for interventions.”

    The study has been reported in The Times, The Huffington Post and the the Press Association.

  3. … or you could do what many of us have done, be MGTOW (or not) and also fight for the human rights of men and boys, challenging feminism at the same time. MGTOW alone will never be enough to turn the tide.

  4. I just read the “Statutory Guidance Framework” published by the Home Office for the act. This is worse than the VAWA here in the US. What it boils down to is that any woman can at any time for any reason have any man she has or had a relationship with arrested, prosecuted, and found guilty. There is no defense against anything she alleges. If j4mb and the rest of the MRA could not stop this abortion of law, they cannot stop anything. Best advise is to be MGTOW and never look back.

  5. Yet another biased video not representing the fact that men and boys are frequently victims too. Like girls don’t check their boyfriend’s texts? Yeah, right! Like girls don’t have to ask for consent? Yeah, right! Like girls don’t react with physical violence when their boyfriends disagree with them? Yeah right! Like girls don’t tell their boyfriends who they can and can’t speak to? Like girls don’t tell their boyfriend’s what to wear and what not to wear? Like girls don’t ask for nude picks (or agree to participating) and then share them with their mates for laughs? YEAH RIGHT!

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