Theresa May: ‘an empty politician without beliefs’

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Theresa May MP, Home Secretary, infamously donned a Fawcett Society T-shirt at a time the Conservatives were in opposition (above). She continues to self-identify as a feminist, laughably calling herself a ‘free-market feminist’. Under her stewardship, Home Office policies on issues including domestic violence are dictated by radical feminist organizations, who are openly thanked in official documents. The police / CPS continue not prosecuting those who perform MGM, whilst being aware the procedure is illegal.

In 2011, when she was also Minister for Women & Equalities, she attacked Dominic Raab for describing feminists as ‘obnoxious bigots’. A Guardian article on the matter is here.

Peter Oborne has written an excellent piece for the Daily Mail about politicians putting ambition before principle. Predictably, there’s a lengthy section on Ms May.

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