Sexist BBC rejects complaints about its ban on men talking to J4MB during election campaign

We’re big admirers of HEqual, and we thank him for the extraordinary amount of work he’s undertaken over the past nine months relating to his complaint to the BBC about the treatment meted out to us by BBC Radio Nottingham in the run-up to the 2015 general election. He’s just published this. The first link will take you to the radio hustings I attended, in which an all-female audience asked only questions about women’s issues. Every time I raised a men’s issue, the feminist presenter withdrew the microphone.

HEqual’s conclusions include the following, with which we concur whole-heartedly:

Ultimately the BBC complaints process is an utter farce and a total waste of time.

4 thoughts on “Sexist BBC rejects complaints about its ban on men talking to J4MB during election campaign

  1. You have the same problem there as we do here. A huge state sponsored media entity is not only biased in it’s coverage of political issues but far worse it is trying to influence and manipulate the outcome of elections. These people should be thrown in prison.

  2. Mike, that’s a little unfair. Sarah Julian clearly hated you, was aggressive and hostile and thoroughly biased and the entire thing was a total sexist sham. However she mostly withdrew the mic when you refused to play the BBC’s game and tried to discuss men’s issues without first relating your answer to her silly and rigged questions and rigged debate. In the context of a sexist and anti-male hustings the withdrawal of the mic may well have been acceptable conduct on her part. Those who designed the whole exercise have far more to answer for than Julian (though she’s pretty bad too and possibly even had a say in designing the format for all we know).

  3. There is no doubt The BBC has been wholly hijacked by feminist propaganda. Its female presenters dressed up as teenagers with wild hairdos, botox lips and tight outfits, exposing their legs from under the table… real bad taste and classless. Even shameless. However,this is the result of men pampering women beyond reason. Unless men start treating women in a more realistic, less privileged manner, this perversion will continue and will get worse.

  4. Mike come on…the BBC another acronym for the corrupt Family Court system riddled with rampant and psychotic arbitrators and gonad less male counterparts.

    Bring back a modern day William Wilberforce for eradicating parental alienating psychological slavery against our most precious in our society.

    Personally women should have hormone level tests after weaning to be able to maintain a balanced psychological relationship with themselves, their children and partners. Treatment given or children removed from them. This is the beginning of the period of alienation if the like are out of balance and children suffer as all in their families. No excuses, follow that of Brazil and Mexico where they know what is in a child’s best interest.

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