Dr Rainbow Murray nominates herself for a ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award

Our thanks to Chloe for pointing us to this, a ludicrous article by Dr Rainbow Murray on the Women’s Equality Party, for The Conversation.

Dr Rainbow Murray is a Reader in Politics, based at Queen Mary University of London. Her profile starts with, ‘Dr Rainbow Murray is an expert on gender politics…’ after which I speed-read enough to confirm she’s yet another feminist parasite on taxpayers. An extract:

She is close to completing a third book manuscript exploring the transformative effect of gender quotas on parliamentary representation.

You get the picture. Dr Murray is a strong contender for our next ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award. I invite you to join me in leaving comments on the article at The Conversation. I’ve left the following, and only replicate them here in case they’re removed:

This article is ridiculous, and makes a mockery of the strapline, ‘Academic rigour, journalistic flair’. At our conference in London in July http://icmi16.wordpress.com, Professor Janice Fiamengo will be talking on the topic, ‘How Feminism is Destroying Higher Education’.

Let’s review the three sentences making up just one paragraph:

1.The party primarily targets women voters from across the political spectrum who are tired of being excluded from the political process.

How are women ‘excluded from the political process’? They’re not. By contrast, men are excluded by Labour all-women shortlists, which lead to men-hating women such as Jess Phillips becoming MPs. She sought to stop Philip Davies MP from having the first-ever debate on men’s issues last International Men’s Day.

2. Fewer than 30% of British MPs are female, even though more than half the population are women.

That’s because far fewer women than men seek to become MPs – a reflection of Dr Catheirne Hakim’s Preference Theory (2000) – four out of seven British men are work-centred, while only one in seven British women is. And women are typically less interested in politics than men, other than ‘women’s issues’. When they become MPs they often focus on those issues, caring little or nothing about the men they also represent.

3. The neglect of women’s needs in mainstream politics is the driving impetus both for the founding of the party and for its rapid influx of members.

‘Neglect of women’s needs in mainstream politics?’ In the words of John McEnroe, ‘You cannot be serious!!!’. Women’s needs are relentlessly catered for by all political parties. The aim of the WEP is to achieve yet more privileging for women.

In our 2015 general election manifesto we explored 20 areas where the human rights of men and boys are assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state, usually to advantage women and girls. There are no areas in which the state specifically assaults the human rights of women and/or girls. NONE.

The party’s Sophie Walker (leader) and Sandy Toksvig (spokeswoman) have both won two ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards, in the space of a few months. Details here //j4mb.org.uk/lying-woman-of-the-month/.

Mike Buchanan


(and the women who love them)


One thought on “Dr Rainbow Murray nominates herself for a ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award

  1. Looking at the photograph accompanying the piece I was struck by the stupidity of banning the burka. I think it should be compulsory dress in the case of women such as they. What horrors.

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