5 thoughts on “New UK Minister of Transport selected from all-women shortlist

  1. Like the Harry Enfield ‘Women, Know Your Place’ sketch this is not as absurd as some may think. I’ve noticed recently, watching YouTube excerpts from various political programmes, that the now invariably female presenters invariably adopt a very grave expression when listening to their guests before asking some invariably stupid question that seems to miss his points completely.

    Full marks to the actress for playing the part.

  2. Why can’t women compete against men without gender shortlists, hiring quotas, exemptions form difficult tasks and special perks? Since we all know what the answer to this is, what sense does it make to pretend that all is well and not saying publicly that women are just not men’s equals when it comes to the professional world? If our culture prevents us from saying the obvious truth, then our culture and traditions are wrong, and need to be adjusted or updated to reflect current issues.

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