Mike Buchanan debates MGM with Dr Simon Hochhauser, a Jewish proponent, on BBC radio

On Friday I debated MGM with Dr Simon Hochhauser, a Co-Chairman of Milah UK, on BBC 3 Counties Radio. The presenter was Jonathan Vernon-Smith, and the discussion lasted 20 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of people calling into the show. The file has been loaded onto Vimeo – here – and I recommend you read the background under the file, before listening to the exchange.

For the first time, as an experiment, I won’t be moderating comments. Let’s see how that goes.

6 thoughts on “Mike Buchanan debates MGM with Dr Simon Hochhauser, a Jewish proponent, on BBC radio

  1. Yes well on a positive note, thankfully even Jewish people are waking up and now turning against this barbaric horrific practice themselves. A lot of enlightened educated Jewish people are now doing what is a non genital mutilation naming ceremony instead called Brit Shalom….Hopefully more and more people of faith will abandon this horrific mutilation ritual on males and more will turn to this peaceful ceremony instead…It’s hopeful at least though to see that more and more Jewish people are finally waking up and turning against this horrific ritual genital mutilation…. ….http://www.celebratingbritshalom.com/

  2. Attributing value to what you cannot change is surely a valuable psychological defence mechanism for many, maybe even the majority, of circumcised men. The tragedy is, of course, that this leads directly to a lack of challenging of the procedure within faith traditions, and the next generation of males being cut. The cycle MUST be broken.

  3. A man mutilated at two months of age is not an idiot for reacting to those who tell him he is incomplete, nor is he deceiving those who know otherwise, nor does he need a ‘reality check’. His reality is as real as your reality and his reaction to your challenge to his reality is as valid as your reaction to his reaction.

    The men who phoned were not ‘idiots’; they were men confronted with something they may have been considering for decades, perhaps with considerable difficulty. They may have been men living in fear. It takes seconds to push the buttons on a telephone and longer seconds than that to overcome the doubt, the insecurity or the anger that prompted the call Whatever their reasons for contributing to the programme, they were men dealing with their own reality and the reality their mothers gave them. Writing them off as idiots cannot endear those unlike them to them.

  4. wow the idiots that called in at the end were hard to listen to…Such denial and delusion and that usually leads these people to be just manipulative and deceiving like most people that want to make an excuse for male sexual mutilation/male prepuce amputation…..They have no argument other than to lie and deceive….Sickening…..Females that are circumcised in cultures where female circumcision is normal also say that they are glad they are circumcised and say nothing is wrong with it….These people need a reality check big time….Thank you though for speaking the truth and saying it like it is….

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