Domestic abuse: Men ‘need more help’, victims’ organisation says

A tip of the hat to the Men’s Advisory Project, an organization in Northern Ireland which gets funding from the Department of Health, for this.

There are no places in refuges in Northern Ireland (or Ireland) for male victims of domestic abuse. We recently learned that the Irish government does not have data available on male victims. Toy Soldier’s piece on the matter is here.

2 thoughts on “Domestic abuse: Men ‘need more help’, victims’ organisation says

  1. Is there any organisation that helps men who are suffering from domestic violence? I seriously need help for my fiance as his ex partner send him in prison because he was quiet and tolerated all her violence for 10 years. But she accused him for strangling her, rape for 10 years and threatened to kill. But he has got all the evidence that proves that she was the one who was threat for him and she was abusing him. but still he was sentenced. is there any place where he can get justice?

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