2 thoughts on “Institute of Economic Affairs: The ‘gender tax’ story doesn’t show what feminists think it shows

  1. Well of course the article is nonsense, as the statement ‘Women are not forced to buy these products. proves. Women are forced to buy these products, just as they are forced to wear flattering and revealing clothing make-up and jewellery, forced to push a constant stream of sweet and sticky things into their mouths, forced to leave dirty, difficult, dangerous or disagreeable work to men, forced spend hours talking about themselves and how hard ‘it’ is for them, forced to preen and pamper themselves, forced to … etc. etc. etc.

    It isn’t easy being a woman, especially when every retailer in the world conspires to charge more for women’s products than identical men’s, even though every one of them is constantly fighting for market share, which just shows you how desperate capitalist patriarchs are to exploit women.

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