Ladies darts competitions – at last, some quality comedy on the BBC.

Whilst enjoying a late lunch, I happened to catch 15 minutes of the ladies’ darts competition, staged at the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, and broadcast on BBC2.

Somewhere around 14:05 – 14:15, the commentator made the following remark about one of the contestants, echoing the same point made by Bobby George around 13:55:

Her game’s really good, apart from the doubles.

Can you imagine a commentator making the same point about a male darts player? Of course not. He’d be laughed out of the venue. The remark was like saying of a football striker:

His game’s really good, apart from not scoring any goals.

Shortly after, a commentator made the following remark after a contestant scored a lowly 26 (single 20, two triple 1s – for non-followers of darts, the 1 is next to the 20):

She came very close to scoring 140 there.

At last, some quality comedy from the BBC. The only reason to watch women’s darts is for such comic moments. Why else would anyone watch women’s darts, other than for ideological reasons? The general quality level is well below the men’s game, despite there being no strength / stamina considerations to talk of. Likewise in snooker, and other activities, including some solely intellectual ones. Women’s chess – really, what’s the point?

The only women-only sports competitions I watch are ladies’ tennis – especially if Maria Sharapova is playing, and then of course only if the sound is muted, a man can take only so much lady grunting – and ladies’ beach volleyball. Now the latter is a sport the BBC should feature far more often than it does. I must write to them on the matter.

5 thoughts on “Ladies darts competitions – at last, some quality comedy on the BBC.

  1. I Just watched the latest Sherlock on iPlayer and was reminded why I quit the license fee and lame stream TV some years ago. Like many I was sad that the series with Benedict Cumberbatch ended so abruptly and was hoping that it would come back, now I wish it had not. The radical feminists at the BBC used a jump back into history as an excuse for some tosh about women not having the vote whilst in standard feminist fashion mentioned nothing about the common man also lacking the same right. Cultural Marxist revisionism at its most insidious.

  2. I don’t know whether it’s a regular thing or just occasional but I’ve seen the World Beach Volley Ball championship staged on Blackpool promenade more than once. J4M&B might consider holding a conference there while the competition is under way.

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